Currie’s Own

We’re sticklers for quality. So when a stalk of asparagus is a little too crooked, or a zucchini gets bruised on the way in from the field, it doesn’t quite make the cut.

Instead of spending our evenings freezing asparagus and baking zucchini loaf, we decided to create a line of Currie’s Own preserves. We partnered with a commercial kitchen and got creative, coming up with recipes that would allow us to satisfy our taste buds and nourish our souls, knowing that perfectly delicious food wasn’t going to waste.

Currie’s Own Garlic Scape Vinaigrette

What on earth do we do with all those garlic scapes? We chop them up, pair them with oil, apple cider vinegar & honey and create a versatile vinaigrette that can work its magic on freshly cut lettuce, or as a marinade or as a bread dipper.

Currie’s Own Asparagus Salsa

A highly addictive salsa made to a perfect consistency with our own freshly harvested asparagus. A bit of sweetness but a whole lot of kick.

Currie’s Own Raspberry Honey Jam

Nobody wants to eat a mushy raspberry. So at the end of each day, what we don’t sell gets immediately frozen and turned into jam. Sweetened with just a touch of our very own honey, it’s summer in a jar.