We’re the people who grow your food

We think that food is more enjoyable when you can meet, and trust, the people who grow it. At Currie’s Farm Market, you’re likely to meet up with us each time you visit.


About Chris

Although Chris grew up on a working farm, located on the property purchased and farmed by his ancestors since 1844, he didn’t realize the farm roots ran deep. But in 2011, he ended a 20+ year career as a Fixed Operations Manager in the automotive industry to get his hands dirty and pick up where his grandparents and parents left off. Working long hours and commuting to work every day wasn’t leaving much time to spend with Candice & their 2 little girls, and when it came to Currie’s Farm Market, it was important to keep it in the family. So he decided to transfer his finely honed business skills to the farm market, and officially took over the store in April 2011.

About Candice

Candice was still enjoying writing educational content and helping clients succeed in the management consulting field, but also felt the pull of the family business and saw the potential of expanding its offerings as the local food movement was gaining momentum. With no prior farming experience, but a years-old aptitude test that pointed to a farm-based career coupled with a love of fine food, customer service, merchandising & all things family, the signs seemed to point towards a future at the farm market. So in September 2011, Candice decided to join Chris in a combined quest to make Currie’s Farm Market the best one-stop local farm & food shop in the area.



About Us

Right away we had to figure out how we were going to support our growing family running a seasonal business. We extended our opening season from 3 months to 8. We fine-tuned our mission to only offer the very best of what local farms and food producers had to offer, in addition to what we grew ourselves. We partnered with local growers, producers and distributors. We created the Currie’s Farm Market CSA Share Card Program. And we promised to provide our customers with the best shopping experience and local food selection in the area.

And then we bought the farm

With a year under our belt at the market the opportunity arose to become the owners of the original Currie family homestead, built in 1850. With family photos from 1880 still adorning the walls, we moved in and quickly brought home 62 baby chicks, 2 white pekin ducks and a puppy, for our relentless daughters. Then we headed out the back door to plant garlic, asparagus, strawberries and raspberries. Now farming a combined 200 acres of family fields, we are able to offer a diverse selection of crops, all grown within walking distance of Currie’s Farm Market. Today, you’ll find Chris hard at work managing the fields & farm crew, while Candice oversees the market business.